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EnviroScape® Models

EnviroScape units include everything you need for a demonstration — except the water! All EnviroScape units are approximately 25" x 30" x 5" and are easy to use and clean. Also included in each unit is a user's guide with glossary, which provides easy-to-use guidelines to aid an instructor, group leader or facilitator in presenting a demonstration.

EnviroScape® consists of six environmental education models and assorted kits:
Watershed/NPS model
Watershed, Nonpoint Source, Stormwater Pollution and Prevention
Drinking Water/Wastewater Treatment model
Drinking Water Sources, Uses
and Wastewater Treatment
Coastal model
Coastal Environmental Use
and Protection
Wetlands model
Wetland Functions, Values,
 Protection & Conservation  
Hazardous Materials model
Hazardous Materials and HHW Management & Clean-up
Waste Management (Landfill & Recycling)
Waste Management, Landfills
and Recycling

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