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"The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District’s “Save the Planet’s Water Festivals” reaches over 800-950 fourth grade students in three towns over three days annually!"

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District

The events start out in Perryton, then transition to Dalhart, and finally end in Dumas. The fourth graders learn about their water resources and other natural resources through engaging and fun activities, designed to show the students how they can make a positive difference on their environment. We now have three EnviroScape watershed models, which allows every student who attends our water festivals to learn about point and non-point pollution. We made it interactive by allowing students to add the pollution to the model themselves, and then they "make it rain." This also helps them connect personally how they are a part of pollution and what they're doing to our environment. We love our EnviroScape models, and so do the students!"

Alyssa Holguin, North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, Dumas, TX

"Clearwater uses the EnviroScape as one of the centerpieces of our Traveling Environmental Festival (TEF) environmental education program.

We've presented TEF to over 12,000 elementary school children and many, many more children & adults at youth activities events and our Clearwater Environmental Festivals. The EnviroScape allowed quick turnarounds that the TEF's four 15-20 minute station concept demanded. Each time the new group of 7-10 kids rotated to the watershed station, they had a clean model in front of them. Kids could take turns being a "rain cloud" and washing the dry pollution into the streams, bays, oceans. That Coastal model is perfect for us because the majority of our venues are within 10 miles of the Atlantic ocean, bays, and barrier islands [of] Monmouth County NJ. The recent purchase is to accommodate the expansion of our program where we have engaged local high school environmental clubs to accompanying us to their local elementary schools. The HS kids earn credit, see themselves as doing good, and have fun. To get a glimpse of the program and pictures, click here.

ED DLUGOSZ, President, Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, Eatontown, NJ

"Using the EnviroScape unit, people can learn how water can become polluted when it travels over land, streets, yards and through storm drains and how their personal actions can affect the health of waterways where they live.

 The statistics collected over the years show that students have a better understanding of the stormwater runoff problem through the use of this model. This helps the RCD show its funders that the program is educating the students."

CYNTHIA MALLETT, Education Coordinator Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County

"It's a people thing. 

At Cargill, the employees are the volunteers who go into the communities. With EnviroScape, they can show why pollution prevention is important for everyone. It's our way of giving back and more."

BILL PRESTON, Cargill, Saginaw Foods Division

"EnviroScape is the leading teaching tool that water educators have for portraying the complexity and importance of water quality practices.

We have used EnviroScape at every one of our Children's Groundwater Festivals. And, the expansion of the program and supplemental teaching materials just keep getting better through time."

SUSAN SEACREST, President, The Groundwater Foundation 

"We go out in pairs with the EnviroScape to inner-city after school programs and Native American resource centers. 

Many people are unaware of the importance of wetlands. With EnviroScape we can dramatically show the points we are trying to make and the kids love it. Everybody gets a chance to interact and they get excited about learning something new."

JANE SCHMITT, League of Women Voters, Henrietta, NY

The Enviroscape is a very effective visual tool for demonstrating how various sources of pollution are generated in our communities.

 Children and adults alike identify with the model, and can easily see how they, as individuals, families and communities contribute to a variety of water quality problems including nutrients, toxins, disease causing organisms and litter. I have seen no better tool for bringing this message home.”

DEBORAH SHULTZ, Education Coordinator, Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary, Program, Thibodaux, Louisiana

“People depend on landfills for solid waste disposal and at the same time object to landfills in their backyard because of a fear factor. The EnviroScape Landfill model helps reduce the fear factor by demonstrating the basic concepts of modern landfills.

This demonstration conveys scientific concepts and practices used for environmental protection and helps make environmental studies more interesting and exciting.”

N.C. VASUKI, P.E., DEE, Chief Executive Officer, Delaware Solid Waste Authority

“The EnviroScape Landfill model is an excellent tool for demonstrating to children and adults how a modern landfill functions as well as the importance of appropriate solid waste management methods.”

LISA BOYLES, Rutgers University Cooperative Extension

“Thank you for coming to our class and demonstrating the EnviroScape.

We learned a lot about water pollution and what a watershed means. . . . We will do our part to help clean up the environment.”

Mrs. Wright and her Third Grade Class Kearney Elementary School, Kearney, Missouri

“Yesterday was memorable!

To have a "school subject" become real made a tremendous impact. Thank you so very much for all that you did.”

Susan Deglen , teacher Richboro Elementary School, Richboro, Pennsylvania

“Since September I have done 90 classroom programs and worked with about 3,000 students.

The model has held up very well. It is at least three years old and has withstood over 300 hour-long presentations, not to mention the numerous fairs and conferences where I have exhibited it. The newsletter is great! I use and pass along the information from the Tips from the Field. Thank you.”

Becky Woo, education coordinator Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County, Escondido, California

“Indian Creek Nature Center uses EnviroScapes in many educational programs for school and youth groups.

They're wonderful! And your newsletter with additional ideas is a real bonus.”

Jan Aeils, Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I am the volunteer chairperson for the (Annual Bay Days') Bay Education Exhibit Area.

The event was very successful and featured many educational and informative exhibits, including EnviroScape. I received wonderful comments on your exhibit and its potential impact on watershed education ...As manager of the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area's newest environmental facility, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, I realized very early the value that the model would present in planning our programs. Our EnviroScape is now used on a regular basis by groups of all ages. It is an integral part of our education programming. Thanks for your commitment to helping promote a cleaner environment.”

Christopher Hickamn, manager Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton, Virginia

“The EnviroScape is being utilized and has literally taught thousands of students about water quality.

It allows them to visually understand how they contribute to water quality problems and how they can be part of the solution. Again, thank you for your help." 

Lynn Porter, education specialist Hinds County Soil and Water Conservation District, Jackson, Mississippi

"I have just returned from the Groundwater Foundation's annual Children's Groundwater Festival where I saw several of the (EnviroScape) models in use.

Seeing them in use gave me a real appreciation for how these models can be used as a powerful educational tool."

Ken Welch, assistant vice president, environmental management Union Pacific Railroad Company, Omaha, Nebraska

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"We are continuing to get a lot of mileage out of our EnviroScape models. We set up the Hazardous Materials model as a static display as part of our agency's exhibit at the Florida State Fair. It was our "in" to get people talking and went wonderfully with the hazardous waste educational materials we were distributing."

PATTI SANZONE, Environmental Specialist, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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