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Kitspap County Public Works EnviroScape
"I use my Enviroscape to show students how an undeveloped watershed functions first. I cover the model with cloth and tell them to pretend it's all covered with forest, meadows, and wetlands--all natural. I make it rain and we discuss what happens to the rain in a natural watershed. Then we build, identify the activities that cause pollution, make it rain, see the pollution, and discuss alternatives. My graphics staff made a design of trees for me, had it printed on absorbent towel, then cut it to the model and hemmed it so the waterways still show.
Pat Kirschbaum, Kitsap County Public Works, Port Orchard, WA
The @enviroscape model...Using pretend polluters (soya sauce, cinnamon, chocolate candies) to replicate pollutants from humans and how it hits our water sources. The how wetlands clean it. www.pinterest.com/pin/528750812477708255/
Manitoba Conservation Districts Association
"Clearwater uses the EnviroScape [Coastal model] as one of the centerpieces of our Traveling Environmental Festival (TEF) environmental education program.We've presented TEF to over 12,000 elementary school children and many, many more children & adults at youth activities events and our ...."
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ED DLUGOSZ, President, Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, Eatontown, NJ

Customer Testimonials

"We are continuing to get a lot of mileage out of our EnviroScape models. We set up the Hazardous Materials model as a static display as part of our agency's exhibit at the Florida State Fair. It was our "in" to get people talking and went wonderfully with the hazardous waste educational materials we were distributing."

PATTI SANZONE, Environmental Specialist, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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