Deluxe Carrying Case

SKU #9-6189
Backordered until 12/1/2022
We recommend this case w/wheels to transport your model. Due to supply change issues the Carrying Case is on backorder (expected delivery 12/1/2022), but the Model can still ship right away in its own heavy-duty corrugated box with handle.

We recommend the purchase of this light weight case with wheels for ease in transporting your model.

If you are transporting or loaning out the unit a lot, or multiple people use the model, we would strongly recommend the case. The new Carrying Case introduced in 2013, is made from a lightweight durable material with inside padded protection, wheels, a retractable handle and side handle. It is easy to transport and work with. Dimensions of the Carrying Case are 34" x 28" x 14".

If you don't purchase the carrying case at the same time you purchase your model – the model ships in a box that can be used to store your model (custom made corrugated shipping box with padding and a handle for easy transport of the model.)

«TIP  Check out this customer video on packing your EnviroScape in the case: