Groundwater Liner Kit (4855)

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Visual demonstration in the connection between what we do on land and groundwater.

To do our part to help preserve forest resources, your guide for EnviroScape Groundwater Liner Kit comes as a PDF document. After you place your order, you will receive an email with "Subject: EnviroScape Groundwater Liner Kit USER GUIDE" with a link to download the Guide. Please consider the environment before printing.

The EnviroScape® Groundwater Liner Kit is designed to work with any of the EnviroScape® models to provide a visual demonstration in the connection between what we do on land and groundwater – how we use groundwater, how we pollute groundwater and how we can prevent and clean up groundwater contamination. It covers the basics – helping to make the connection on how we impact groundwater. It is not intended for a highly technical and detailed demonstration of groundwater.

The kit comes with a
    • A silk-screened durable plastic liner that fits in the EnviroScape® base, facilitating a better groundwater demonstration;
    • Private wells and pumps (clear tubing and spray pumps);
    • An abandoned well (clear tubing); and
    • User's Guide is also included.

The groundwater liner kit is not needed for use with the EnviroScape® Waste Management (Landfill & Recycling) model as it comes with its own groundwater demonstration.

This Kit cannot be used by itself ... you need to purchase one of the EnviroScape units.

Parts may vary slightly due to supplier changes and updates.