Shore Tour: Living Responsibly by the Ocean by LaMotte

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Through classroom lectures and activities, five units teach students how their everyday actions affect the ocean. Whether they live in an urban, rural or a shore setting, students and their families can do things to help keep ocean and shore ecosystems healthy.

Topics include an introduction to coastal ecosystems, oil spills, shoreline development, and marine debris. Each unit is packed with activities and spolights a traditional or not-so-traditional marine career. Real news stories and articles bring the lecture material to life. The Tour includes data sheets and a thought-provoking game to bring it all together at the conclusion of the tour. Helps students develop a sense of stewardship toward shores and oceans that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Informative lecture material with real life stories
• Teacher-tested activities from EPA, NOAA, and the Marine Mammal Center
• CD with printable handouts, data sheets, and more!
• Step-by-step classroom activities, team data sheets, and handouts
• Incorporates science, math, language arts
• Spotlights on marine careers Extensions and "Webquests" for each unit
• Links to over 100 ocean-related resource

Grades 3-9 / 40 Students. Shipped directly from supplier.