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A series of portable hands-on models, EnviroScape® helps people of all ages, languages and cultures, better understand the sources and prevention of water pollution through visual, hands-on interaction.

EnviroScape® makes the connection between what we do on earth and the impact on the environment.

Known for its balanced approach to environmental education with a focus on personal responsibility, the models are in use around the world.

Use as a standalone environmental educational program or it easily fits within any existing program.

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Environmental Education Models

EnviroScape® education models:
Watershed/NPS Drinking Water Sources
Coastal Protection Wetland Functions
Hazardous Materials Waste Management
EnviroScape® consists of six environment education models (curriculum included) and assorted kits:
Watershed/NPS model
Watershed, Nonpoint Source, Stormwater Pollution and Prevention
Drinking Water/Wastewater Treatment model
Drinking Water Sources, Uses
and Wastewater Treatment
Coastal model
Coastal Environment Use
and Protection
Wetlands model
Wetland Functions, Values,
 Protection & Conservation  
Hazardous Materials model
Hazardous Materials and HHW Management & Clean-up
Waste Management (Landfill & Recycling)
Waste Management (Landfill
and Recycling)
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