About Enviroscape

The EnviroScape® series of portable models dramatically demonstrate water pollution concepts and their prevention. EnviroScape® effectively communicates our shared responsibility for the environment to people of all ages, languages and cultures. Our models and kits can easily be integrated into any STEM education program — they are engaging and effective, as they create a real sense of understanding through experience and hands-on demonstration. Environmental education models that make complex issues seem simple, helping people prevent water pollution in their own communities. EnviroScape® makes the connection between what we do on earth and the impact on the environment. Known for its balanced approach to environmental education with a focus on personal responsibility, the models are in use around the world. Use as a standalone environmental educational program or it easily fits within any existing program.More

Customer Testimonials

"We are continuing to get a lot of mileage out of our EnviroScape models. We set up the Hazardous Materials model as a static display as part of our agency's exhibit at the Florida State Fair. It was our "in" to get people talking and went wonderfully with the hazardous waste educational materials we were distributing."

PATTI SANZONE, Environmental Specialist, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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