The EnviroScape® environmental education models show water pollution and prevention through shared responsibility. A series of portable models dramatically demonstrate water pollution concepts and their prevention. EnviroScape® effectively communicates our shared responsibility for the environment to people of all ages, languages and cultures. Our models are engaging and effective, as they create a real sense of understanding through experience and hands-on demonstration. EnviroScape® makes complex issues seem simple, helping people prevent water pollution in their own communities.

EnviroScape® was developed and patented by JT&A, inc., a small, woman-owned business founded in 1984, by Judith Ferrell Taggart in Washington, DC. JT&A wrote, edited and designed some of the first environmental education and outreach materials on nonpoint source pollution, watersheds and wetlands. JT&A inc. and is also known for its efforts in establishing well-known national outreach programs, such as American Wetlands Month. Entrenched in education and outreach efforts on water pollution, JT&A realized that for many, seeing was believing more so than reading — and thus EnviroScape® was developed out of the need to actively engage the public in protecting our environment — once they see it, they don’t forget it — they understand it, and become more interested and therefore more involved.

The three-dimensional landscapes (approx. 25" x 30" x 5") illustrate residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial and transportation areas — all representing possible sources of water pollution in the environment. Children and adults learn by using chemicals (drink mix) and loose soil (cocoa) throughout a typical community to see how their actions and those of others may affect our water quality. EnviroScape actually emphasizes pollution prevention with a follow-up demonstration that shows how to prevent such pollution through the use of best management practices.

EnviroScape® presents environmental education information in a balanced and credible manner. Each model is developed by JT&A, inc., using a peer review process incorporating the expertise, experience and knowledge of at least a dozen persons with varied backgrounds (experts, educators, outreach specialist and lay persons).

As more than one user has told us, EnviroScape® is "the best educational tool we have." In addition to being successfully used with students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, EnviroScape® is also used by universities, soil and water conservation districts, city governments, utility companies, consultants and civic and environmental groups around the world.