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Seaport and aquarium expect a big summer in Mystic
The Day–June 15, 2021

Another interactive exhibit in the aquarium's main gallery, "Discover Long Island Sound," highlights the local estuary through digital, interactive displays, a hands-on watershed model ...

Henrico graduate conducts environmental lessons at local school districts
Henrico Citizen–May 27, 2021

Szatkowski and the students used an EnviroScape education model to visualize how these types of pollution could originate in their own backyards, for example, through fertilizer runoff that can be transported into creeks or rivers. "Point source pollution is something that we can point out, and we can tell exactly where it's coming from," she said. "Nonpoint source pollution can be hidden."

Har-Ber Village spring planting this weekend
Tahlequah Daily Press–May 13, 2021

... water filtration; Candice Miller, Blue Thumb, EnviroScape watershed model; Beverly Helms, master gardener: tomato starts and education on Friday, ...

EnviroScape Loaner Program
S.C. Sea Grant–May 4, 2021

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium offers use of their Wetlands Enviroscape Model free-of-charge to any S.C. K-12, nonformal, and homeschool educator. The Wetlands Enviroscape Model provides a hands-on demonstration about how watersheds can be affected by development, pollution, and other natural and human-made impacts.

Cherishing Trees – Arbor Day Celebration
Brainerd Dispath–May 3, 2021

A miniature scene called an Enviroscape Model at the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District booth illustrates watersheds and how pollution effects water quality

Go Green: Ten Earth Day Tips You Can Use Everyday
New Jersey Shoreline–April 22, 2021

Watch and Learn: Check out our "Flow of H2O" three-part education video series that uses an Enviroscape® mini model of a town to explain the effect of pollution on watersheds, the drinking water treatment process . . .

Illinois American Water Celebrates Earth Day by Awarding Over $29,000 in Environmental Grants for Water Source Protection–April 22, 2021

HeartLands Conservancy located in Southern Illinois will receive a $3,700 grant for the Watershed Adventures and Discovery Experiences Program (WADE). Funds will be used to purchase outdoor education materials, an outdoor enviroscape model and safety supplies.

Erie County receiving nearly $23K to educate Erie students with interactive watershed model, middle school greenhouses–April 22, 2021

Erie County receiving nearly $23K to educate Erie students with interactive watershed model, middle school greenhouses · Projects Awarded by County.

Connecticut Audubon Society Receives Grant from MEPI
HamletHub–February 5, 2021

The EnviroScape demonstrates coastal pollution sources and prevention and allows users to explore the 3D coastal landscape with hands-on activities.

Enviroscape Watershed Model
Ciudad SWCD | Albuquerque, NM –January 9, 2021

Ciudad SWCD has recently acquired an Enviroscape table-top watershed model, which allows us to bring watershed education into the classroom.

LDEQ creates Nonpoint Source Pollution demonstration to continue outreach efforts during COVID-19
KATC News–December 15, 2020

... the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's (LDEQ) Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution group created a video demonstrating the EnviroScape model. The EnviroScape model effectively communicates the shared responsibility for the environment, specifically water quality, to people of all ages.

Lucas SWCD announces award winners Week of 11/30/2020
The Press–November 27, 2020

. . . has invited SWCD personnel to her classroom many times to bring programs, like the Streamulator, Enviroscape, and Worms' World to her students.

A Great Interactive Tool to Teach about Watersheds and the Water Cycle!
Wolf Tree Design Facebook–November 19, 2020

Man, remember EnviroScapes? I was introduced to this product when teaching at a marshland nature center in Pennsylvania. A great interactive tool to teach about watersheds and the water cycle. What could be better than playing to learn?

The Enviroscape
Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District–October 23, 2020

The Enviroscape is a watershed model that can be used to explore the ways human actions may impact the health and quality of local waterways. This model demonstration is offered as a classroom presentation as well as for public outreach to bring awareness to water quality and storm water runoff pollution.

New Jersey American Water Launches The Flow of H2O Video Series to Mark Sixth Annual Imagine a Day Without Water
Business Wire–October 21, 2020

Each year, New Jersey American Water commemorates Imagine a Day Without Water through educational outreach, emphasizing the importance of water for everyday usage and explaining the company's role in providing it . . . the new educational videos emulate the demonstrations it typically presents in schools using an Enviroscape® mini model of a town.

GATES students study river basin
Facebook–June 16, 2020

Our Conservation Assistant, Dani, explains some of the benefits of protecting and restoring wetlands especially those upstream from our drinking ...Demo of the EnviroScape Ecological Restoration model!

Enviroscape – Pharmaceuticals in wastewater
Facebook–June 11, 2020

EnviroScape Drinking Water & Wastewater presentation using the Pharmaceuticals & Environment Kit...

City of Charlotte, NC–April 8, 2020

Join a 'Water Wednesday' session on Facebook and learn how you can protect our waterways. April 15 – Pollution Prevention on the Enviroscape Watershed Model. Facebook Live videos remain on the page after the event, so if you miss one or would like to watch again, you are able to do so.

Learning about stormwater in Tewksbury
Woburn Daily Times–January 25, 2020

Part of the discussion and demonstration centers around the Enviroscape, a diorama that the town purchased to help bring a visual component to the public. The 3D model lets the students see firsthand how precipitation carries pollutants along as it flows into catch basins and, from there, into local streams and rivers.

GATES students study river basin
Times Enterprise–December 4, 2019

. . . students learned ways to help keep water clean in the environment. Shutters set up her EnviroScape Model for students to see the various land elevations, how water flows through the city and country areas, and the importance of buffers to block pollution.

NEW Water and UW-Green Bay teamed up to help young Girl Scouts earn their "Wonders of Water" badge
Inside UW-Green Bay News–November 14, 2019

... learning about aquatic life, simulating runoff in a community through an Enviroscape activity and creating bracelets representative of the water cycle.

Kids asked to 'imagine day without water'–October 30, 2019

Another station was the watershed model station. This featured an educational model that demonstrated different scenarios to students, like how runoff from heavy rain on the mountain will add extra pollutants into waterways and will affect quality of the water.

Kids learn about conservation at Environmental Field Days
Washington Daily News–October 22, 2019

At the conservation station, I teach soil and water conservation by using an Enviroscape Point/Non-point model to show what can happen if we don't do our part to protect the environment. We discuss ways they and others can do their part to ...

Enviroscape Watershed Model – Agriculture
Funny Video Online–September 13, 2019

. . . video focuses on a few ways to use the Enviroscape Non-Point Source Pollution and Watershed model. The model will be used to explain different sources of pollution and practices to reduce pollution as it relates to Agriculture.

farm, industrial, urban, highway, forest, streambank, and lakeshore. Joe Hecht, NRCS district ...
Rice County Conservation District Facebook–September 9, 2019

The Enviroscape is a three-dimensional model representing a watershed. The model addresses Point Source and Non-Point Source Pollution shown ...

Watershed Demo
Funny Video Online–August 14, 2019

A quick, by necessity, discussion of watersheds with a great demo using a very good watershed model (Enviroscape) plus a couple of "what can students do" tips.

Youth learn about conservation at Lake Maloney
knopnews2–August 10, 2019

So far they've been having a lot of fun making the bracelets and the little journals and the enviroscape because they get to spray the rain down.

DuPage County Fair 2019
Naperville Community Television–July 26, 2019

We have recycled paper-making going on, we have activities with our watershed model where they learn about water quality and protecting pollutants

POLLUTION SOLUTION: Summer campers learn the value of a clean environment
Tahlequah Daily Press–July 12, 2019

They love the EnviroScape the most out of everything here," said Hill. ... The benefit of using the EnviroScape is that it creates both an educational and fun experience for campers. "Polluting the mini model is my favorite part of camp," said camper, age 9. "It's fun because I just really like playing with models. I like seeing how the pollution on the hills gets into the streams."

Lake Hopatcong Foundation - Field trips bring 1200 students to Lake Hopatcong
Hopatcong Lake Regional News–June 22, 2019

Interactive watershed model - Students learn about watersheds and how to keep our water clean through an EnviroScape demonstration.

Victoria Cross Public School students learn about keeping local wetlands healthy at Murphy Park ... –June 21, 2019

At the enviroscape display students were also shown where they live in the landscape of the watershed and were taught that everything they do in their area -- urban or rural -- will affect people living downstream.

Explore the outdoors at kids' nature camp
Mount Vernon News–June 17, 2019

... tracks, look for and listen for birds, study plants, learn to compost and recycle, make edible soil and explore with the Enviroscape watershed model.

Whigham Elementary School joins town in Earth Day event
Miami's Community Newspapers–June 14, 2019

Stormwater Utility manager Yenier Vega guided students through the topic of runoff pollution using a miniature urban watershed model. The students ...

EnviroScape in Roswell, GA
Atlanta Events–May 30, 2019

Enviroscape on Jun 18, 2019 in Roswell, GA (Atlanta metro area) at East Roswell Branch Library. What happens to water before and after you use it?

Rehoboth Elementary students explore Delaware's water resources
Cape Gazette–May 14, 2019

DNREC conservation planner and public outreach coordinator Rick Mickowski presented "Where Does your Water Shed" with the enviroscape model to teach students about pollutants and sediment in water that affect water quality.

Spark your child's interest in conservation at young age
Farm and Dairy –May 10, 2019

The first time I ever heard the word "watershed" was in elementary school at a Soil and Water Conservation District program. I can't remember much about the program, but I do remember the EnviroScape, the watershed model. Watching the polluted water run from the miniature houses to the miniature lake was the "aha" moment where I realized people impact nature.

Harvey County Ag and Conservation Fest
Newton, Kansas–May 10, 2019

Enviroscape models were set up at the ag festival to teach Newton fourth-grade students about how the community is affected by water contamination.

Athens Earth Day Festival
Online Athens–April 14, 2019

. . . the Upper Oconee Watershed education chair shows them how to interact with the enviroscape model during the Athens Earth Day Festival at Live Wire in Athens, Ga. The enviroscape allows people to observe how humans interact with land and how it impacts their water.

Conservation Day at Gunn Park
Fort Scott Tribune–April 13, 2019

Topics at each station included edible soil, enviroscape, forestry service, fish aquatics, recycling, a soil tunnel trailer, wildlife, a rain simulator, a stream . . .

Water fair flows with water saving wisdom
Iron County Today–March 26, 2019

The fair consists of several different stations . . . The US Forest Service offered enviroscapes, which discussed how pollutants affect the water supply; . . .

Sally Christie speaks to NDE fifth grade
Washington Times Herald–March 21, 2019

Using a display model of a typical land area, called an "Enviroscape model," Christie demonstrated how our water becomes polluted due to situations . . .

Discovery Center: EnviroScape Simulation
Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association –March 21, 2019

Get a firsthand look at what happens to water in our environment with our 3-dimensional EnviroScape. Pollution and runoff are colorfully evident when . . .

Model watersheds not just for kids
SCNow Morning News: Sarah Rogers–March 3, 2019

I was invited to do a presentation at a local school in Florence during its STEAM Festival . . . realized that the parents accompanying them were equally engaged. The Enviroscape that I use is a large plastic model of a watershed. A watershed; which is also called a river basin, is an area of land where when it rains, the runoff drains . . .

February Ag in the Classroom News
Canton Daily Ledger–February 28, 2019

Fifth graders explored watersheds . . . Using a model of a watershed the students helped to demonstrate how water can become polluted [and] demonstrated ways to prevent water pollution, especially methods that farmers use to protect water.

Conservations winners recognized
The Mountaineer–February 20, 2019

The yearly contests are part of a year-round educational program offered by the district that includes Envirothon, FFA Land Judging, Resource Conservation Workshop, Conservation Field Day, workshops for educators, scholarships, classroom visits, Enviroscape presentations and free resources for teachers.

Conservation Grant Program Strives to Make Kids Natural Resource . . .
Modern Conservationist (blog)–February 14, 2019

She also uses an EnviroScape to demonstrate how everything affects our water supply, from runoff from farms to animal waste.

Snowfest, minus snow, still draws a good crowd
The Daily Item–February 11, 2019

Among them was Penns Valley Conservation Association's Jim Flanagan, who with a watershed model showed how rain washes road salt and other chemicals into rivers and streams.

Wayne Trace students learn about wetlands
Defiance Crescent News–December 22, 2018

This program featured a demonstration of the wetlands enviroscape model that gave students a powerful visual on the various types of wetlands that . . .

Hannah Caldwell School Students Learn the Importance to Preserving Our Waterways
Tapto Union–November 28, 2018

. . . class learned how to take care of the waterways by actively participating with a hands-on Enviroscape, a 3-D watershed model and they participated ...

Go with the Flow!
Albert Lea Tribune–November 25, 2018

Claire Rabine, a Minnesota Greencorps member serving the Shell Rock River Watershed District, visited classes with an EnviroScape model .... environments include a neighborhood, construction site, roads, rivers and a lake.

Excited to Educate!
Albert Lea Tribune–November 14, 2018

One part of Minnesota GreenCorps member Claire Rabine's educational toolkit is a mini enviroscape model intended to help students talk about and understand pollution.

Dewey Short Visitor Center Announces November Programs
Douglas County Herald–November 8, 2018

. . . on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 11 a.m. a ranger will be exhibiting the Enviroscape display to showcase how pollution ends up in our waterways and environment, and how you can help prevent it. This is a great interactive program for all ages.

Brunswick Soil and Water District race draws 2 candidates
StarNews Online–October 26, 2018

I think the Brunswick County Soil and Water Conservation District staff has been doing a great job at community outreach and public education with educational presentations, such as the Enviroscape Watershed Model and the groundwater model.

Penn State Berks students and Olivet children partner for conservation program
Penn State News–October 17, 2018

Penn State Berks students led by Jayne Park-Martínez (foreground), assistant teaching professor, work with Olivet children using the EnviroScape learning tool to understand how pollution gets into our rivers and streams.

'Natural Classroom'
Roanoke Chowan News-Herald–September 27, 2018

Gladys Owens (center) with Gates and Hertford County Soil & Water Conservation used an "enviroscape" to demonstrate point and non-point sources of pollution to a group of fifth graders . . .

Sandusky Elementary School students face the elements
Lynchburg News & Advance–September 26, 2018

With their ponchos on, the foursome gathered around an enviroscape and hypothesized what would happen if it rained a lot. To simulate rain they poured water on the different environments showcased in the enviroscape . . .

Kids in the Creek offers education - with a splash
The Mountaineer–September 18, 2018

And they certainly seemed to, as they waddled their way, under blue skies, between four stations: the EnviroScape watershed model ("to see how pollution gets in our waterways," . . .

Athens-Clarke County Water Festival uses 'Infinity War' to teach water conservation
Athens The Red & Black–September 9, 2018

With an enviroscape model -- a small replica of farm land, rivers and streams -- Rutland was able to teach kids about watersheds and the dangers that runoff poses to drinking water.

Being blue on the bluff
Herald Palladium-July 10, 2018

Ann St. Amand, owner of PhycoTech Inc., shows how pollutants enter the water system using a watershed model with sisters Ava Rommel, 11, center

A watershed moment, a watershed movement
Dayton City Paper-July 4, 2018

The LMWN has incorporated a teaching tool, the Enviroscape Watershed Model, to educate kids and adults on the effects of pollution in the Watershed ...

Flooding fears raised at citizen meeting
Cape Breton Post (Sydney, Australia)–June 16, 2018

As part of Saturday's flood meeting, ACAP environmental education intern, Elise Marsman, used an enviroscape to demonstrate how quickly contaminants can spread to nearby waterways.

Operation Round Up helps local groups
Mount Vernon News-May 30, 2018

Operation Roundup awarded $69,700 to the following organizations... •Kokosing Valley Jr. Anglers toward an "enviroscape model."

Milton Awards Environmental Education Grants to 3 Schools 8, 2018

Northwestern Middle School requested grant funds to purchase an Enviroscape, a hands-on teaching tool that can be used to illustrate the water cycle, pollution, water quality, and conservation methods. The Enviroscape will be used by all grade levels as well as Northwestern's Environmental Club."

Kenton County Parks & Recreation and KCPL present Third Tuesday Nature Series at Lincoln Ridge Park
Kenton County Parks-May 3, 2018

Enjoy hands-on learning with an Enviroscape, explore what lives in our creek, find out what bugs can tell us about water health, and more! Activities will be provided by Sanitation District No. 1 and the Kentucky Department of Water. The address is 420 Independence Station Rd., Independence, KY ...

Garden festival gives hands-on experience to horticultural science fans
Chicago Tribune-April 27, 2018

He used an "enviroscape" featuring a miniature replicas of a gas station, a high-rise apartment building and a sewer system. Patrons like Elan could use a water bottle to get an idea about water drainage and runoff. "He loves science, so this is his opportunity to learn hands-on about science," said Andy.

UN Official to Focus on Water Conservation, Quality at Westport GREENDAY Event, Saturday, April 28
Connecticut Plus-April 27, 2018

Children and families are invited to explore water from many dimensions at Earthplace from 10am-1pm, including activities such as a pond springing to life, a Long Island Sound touch tank and water flow in an Enviroscape. Other activities around town include a guided tour of the Westport waste water . . .

Watershed EnviroScape - Dawson
Events-iCause-April 26, 2018

Upper Etowah River Alliance, 180 McClure St, Canton, United States, Summer Library Program Watershed Enviroscape presentation at the Dawson County Library - 342 Allen St, Dawsonville, GA 30534 - for Teens. Learn about point and non-point source pollution with a hands-on model.

WSA: Tour of state's 'Plant of the Year' set for Saturday at Bear Creek
Douglas County Sentinel-April 25, 2018

... out which items should go into the toilet and which ones shouldn't - Filtration Station, where you build your own water filter and see how well you can filter out common pollutants, and the EnviroScape where the WSA experiments with different sources of pollution and how they effect our watershed

Library Hosts Earth Day Celebration
Boothbay Register-April 25, 2018

Program Manager Sue Mello used a watershed model on particles' draining into lakes and impacting water quality. The Boothbay Sea and Science Center demonstrated how pollution impacts sea creatures. Executive Director Pauline Dion provided materials for making jellyfish out of recycled materials ...

San Clemente marks Earth Day with art, music and a beach cleanup
OCRegister-April 24, 2018

Sanja Peterson, 5, of Seattle and sisters Kendall Heineman, 2, and Aubrey Heineman, 5, of San Clemente, from left, squirt water onto a watershed model, learning about the city pollution that can find its way into the ocean, during the annual Earth Day Festival in San Clemente on Saturday, April 21, . . .

Earth Day celebration shifts from downtown to Baton Rouge Zoo after permits denied
The Advocate–April 19, 2018

. . . explains how an enviroscape demonstrates an eco system during the annual Earth Day celebration . . .

Asheville Arts and Science Festival combines two disciplines at Salvage Station
Mountain XPress-March 29, 2018

Taking science outside of the white-coat lab and classroom environment isn't a new idea for Jason York, lead organizer of the Asheville Arts . . .One of many interactive science activities that will be featured . . . the enviroscape table shows how water flows through a watershed.

North Daviess fifth graders learn about soil and water conservation
Washington Times Herald-Feb 5, 2018

Using a display model of a typical land area, called an "Enviroscape model", Christie demonstrated how our water becomes polluted due to situations such as run off. She also demonstrated how waterways are polluted by direct pollution from industrial plants as well as from our homes, insecticides, ...

'Enviroscape' helps students learn about water pollution
Huntington Herald Dispatch-Dec 27, 2017

Courtesy of Lawrence Soil & Water Conservation District Using an Enviroscape, Lawrence Soil & Water Conservation District Urban/Education Specialist Kim Carrico shows kindergarten students from Symmes Valley Elementary how chemicals poured into the ground will eventually make their way into the ...

Fifth graders explore pollution with the Enviroscape model
The Paulding County Progress-Dec 23, 2016

Fifth graders explore pollution with the Enviroscape model ... The Enviroscape model provides a hands-on, interactive demonstration of the sources and effects of water pollution, and allows teachers to ... Students were able to visually see how everyone plays a part in pollution via the Enviroscape model.

68th Annual Paulding SWCD Banquet Highlights Many ...
West Bend News-Dec 11, 2017

In 2017, Paulding SWCD received a $2,792 grant from the Ohio EPA to purchase three different Enviroscape models to cover topics on drinking water, non-point pollution, and wetlands! Through displays at field events around the county, including the Paulding County Fair, 350 people were reached.

Natural Resource Field Day held
Roanoke Chowan News Herald
She explained the importance of runoff with an “enviroscape”, which is a model of a watershed containing residential, commercial and agriculture areas, each represented by different food coloring. The model then demonstrated to the students how different forms of runoff from fertilizer, pesticides, ...
... through Project WET activities that explained the water cycle and the functions of wetlands led by Bergstrom and an Enviroscape demonstration and ...
The festival, which will be held Oct. 21-22, will also have on display an enviroscape, a plastic model of a community that helps re-enact water pollution ...
LB Clarke students explore watershed at school forest | Lisa Quistorf
Herald Times Reporter-Sep 22, 2017
L.B. Clarke science teachers Laura Reeves, Brian Henrickson and Laura DeBouche received a grant through a program titled "We All Live on the Water: Teachers as Watershed Leaders." This grant enabled all sixth-, seventh and eighth-grade students at L.B. Clarke to spend the day at the Rahr Memorial ...
Danbury students learn about Still River in outdoor classroom.
Danbury News Times-Oct 5, 2017
Mark Howarth, director of education and outreach for the Candlewood Lake Authority, said the students enjoyed the hands-on aspect of using an EnviroScape interactive model to learn about stormwater runoff and how pollutants enter the water. They then can share what they learn with their parents.
Kids in the Creek celebrates 20 years
The Mountaineer-Oct 9, 2017
Kids in the Creek exposes eighth-grade students to local waterways, giving them hands-on activities that increase awareness of the importance of clean water. Students participate in four stations, each focusing on a different theme -- the EnviroScape watershed model; water chemistry; fish; and benthic ...
Celebration planned with Peterborough GreenUP turning 25
Peterborough Examiner-Aug 15, 2017
Join The Paddling Puppeteer for a puppet show and music at the campfire; make a lantern and follow along on a guided lantern walk around the Ecology Park Trails. Participate in the Enviroscape watershed education demonstration to follow water flowing through a watershed and learn about sources and ...
Keeping Tewksbury's stormwater clean
Woburn Daily Times-Jun 24, 2017
Using a fun "enviroscape," complete with cars, dogs, and other figures, Cheng drops a few chocolate ice cream sprinkles on the plastic roadways and sprays them down with water. As he explains to an interested youngster, an animated Cheng says, "See, this is dog waste. Watch all the places the runoff ...
District's ELEMEnTS students take part in Environmental ... 12, 2017
After performing the tests, the students experimented with the Enviroscape model, which demonstrates rainwater and contaminant run-off. An added benefit of the trip was that the ELEMEnTS students from each school had an opportunity to meet other ELEMEnTS students in the district. Aside from an ...
Earth Day celebration shifts from downtown to Baton Rouge Zoo ...
The Advocate-Apr 19, 2017
Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Dalaynee Pope, 9, center, and her brother, Joshua, watch as Dinah Maygarden, left, explains how an enviroscape demonstrates an eco system during the annual Earth Day celebration Sunday on North Boulevard in downtown Baton Rouge. Photos: Louisiana ...
Children learn joy of fishing Saturday at Lake Chabot in Vallejo
Vallejo Times Herald-Apr 8, 2017
The next station for the kids included an "Enviroscape" manned by an enthusiastic Boy Scout named Max and his friend Ramone. Using a spray water bottle to simulate rain, Max demonstrated how water flows down geological features, often bringing along pollution. Finally, children then received their own ...
News Delaware
Science at Your Door” is part of Governor’s “Children in Nature” initiative. The mobile science laboratory is part of Gov. Markell’s Children in Nature initiative that’s increasing opportunities for youth to take part in outdoor and environmental science activities both in school and out of school.
Pickens Sentinel
Students from Liberty Elementary School are using an enviroscape to learn about watersheds, run-off and water pollution at the Bart Garrison ...
'Natural' Classroom
Roanoke Chowan News Herald
Gladys Owens (center) with Gates and Hertford County Soil & Water Conservation used an “enviroscape” to demonstrate point and non-point sources ...
Union County offering watershed program for educators, community ... - October 10, 2016 Now in its 15th year, the Watershed Ambassadors Program receives ... for students to participate and interact with the watershed model
Brentwood's 9th annual Environmental Education Day
The Tennessean - Nashville, TN - October 5, 2016
Stacey Cox and Ben Butler with Hethcoat and Davis use a 3D EnviroScape to illustrate watershed concepts to students during Brentwood's 9th .
Florida Times-Union - Jacksonville, FL - September 16, 2016
They take turns adding excessive amounts of these materials to the appropriate areas on the watershed model. Using spray bottles, they make it rain ...
Clarenville Packet - Clarenville, Montreal, Quebec - June 8, 2016
“It's a watershed model. So we're teaching the children how things they do at home or in their backyard impact our groundwater and environment,” ...
Valley Breeze - Lincoln, RI - April 26, 2016
Representatives for the WRWC were at NPHS Monday to let students use their watershed model, an interactive three-dimensional model that allows ...
Enviroscape Demo with Sandy Springs Mission
Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs - Sandy Springs, GA - March 12, 2016
Our founder, Patty Berkovitz, demonstrated the enviroscape model to the Sandy Springs Misson last thursday. It was a delight to see the children so ...
EnviroScape Loan Program
Chester County - West Chester, PA - February 9, 2016
Interactive EnviroScape models dramatically demonstrate sources of pollution and its prevention. Engaging and effective in creating a real sense of ... - January 27, 2016
Students in each class gathered around a three-dimensional watershed model, which included areas of farmland, neighborhoods, industrial sections ..
Asbury Park Press - Jackson, NJ - December 10, 2016
Ms. Sigmund used an enviroscape to demonstrate the effect that our actions have on the watershed. Students were surprised to learn that things we ...
Queens Tribune 'Green Girls' Study NYC's Environment
Queens Tribute - Whitestone, NY - November 25, 2015
... using an EnviroScape, which is an interactive large scale watershed model,” said Kaari Casey, lead educator for the “Green Girls” program.
Girls in Engineering, Math and Science Event at UK Nov. 14
UKNow - University of Kentucky - November 13, 2015
Using the Landfill Enviroscape for a hands-on experience, girls learn where our garbage goes and about the very costly and sophisticated ...
Berks Nature focuses on the value of watersheds
Reading Eagle - Reading, PA - November 13, 2015
There, in the middle of that and other tables across the room, sat what Berks Nature President Kim Murphy described as a "mini-enviroscape." ...instructed the students and others in the room to pour onto the enviroscape four small cups of pollutants - one representing animal waste, another fertilizer, soil and finally, chemicals and pesticides...
Conneaut Lake teams winners at Pymatuning/Shenango Watershed Challenge
The Meadville Tribune - Meadville, PA - November 3, 2015
An Enviroscape (table-top watershed model) demonstration was part of the watersheds session. Mounts and pelts of the area and suburban wildlife ...
Special visitor to Northside Elementary School
The Newnan Times Herald - Newnan, GA - October 23, 2015
An Enviroscape (table-top watershed model) demonstration was part of the watersheds session. Mounts and pelts of the area and suburban wildlife ...
Milton hosts 'Rivers Alive' Oct. 17 - Alpharetta, GA - October 6, 2015
An “Enviroscape” will be available for families to have a fun illustration on sources of water contamination. Rivers Alive is an outreach program ...
Free Watershed science presentation offered by Union County and AmeriCorps Program
Suburban News - New Jersey - September 25, 2015
The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders invites elementary and high school teachers, as well as local community groups, to register for a free, 30-45-minute in-house science presentation that explains watershed and environmental concepts in a fun and meaningful way.
JC park transformed into outdoor classroom
Sidney Daily News - Sidney, OH - September 16, 2015
Jackson Center High School students Peyton Esser and Katrina McGowan use an Enviroscape watershed model to show the elementary ...
Water Rocks! promotes protection with a conservation station at the Sioux County Youth Fair
KWWL Television Inc. - Waterloo, IA - July 14, 2015
Protecting our water, one child at a time...that's what one program is trying to accomplish. Water Rocks! is a state-wide youth water outreach program.... One of the big activities is called "Enviroscape". It teaches kids what a watershed is . . .
Pembroke fifth graders attend 'water all around you' program
Wicked Local Pembroke - Pembroke, MA - July 5, 2015
They saw how pollutants (dog waste, fertilizers, trash, automobile oil) wash directly into the nearest body of water during a rainstorm using a watershed model.
Upper Darby School District students learn about protecting local streams through Streams Stewards program
The Delaware County Daily Times - Drexel Hill, PA - July 1, 2015
“The classroom program uses a hands-on watershed model, allowing students to see how different types of pollutants, such as pesticides, automotive fluids and litter can get impact our waterways,” Spino said.“
Watersheds have lessons for children
Albuquerque Journal - Albuquerque, NM - June 30, 2015
Isa Cintron-Warren, 9, and Drake Kew, 9, watch intently Monday as Jennifer Moss sprays water on a watershed model to demonstrate how rainfall can ...
How to teach catchment concepts using the EnviroScape model
Environment Southland - Southland, New Zealand - June 29, 2015
Program by Pat Hoffmann, Environmental education officer. ....
Ducks Unlimited settling into new Strathmore office
Strathmore Standard - Strathmore, Alberta, CN - June 20, 2015
The students will learn how animals adapt in their environment and view an interactive watershed model before taking a bus to the marsh, which was ...
Local middle schools learn about water conservation
Charlevoix Courier - Charlevoix, MI - June 13, 2015
Using a watershed model, students learned what a watershed is and how land-use activities impact water quality recently in Lake ...
Students learn about their local watershed with the Flathead Lakers
Big Fork Eagle - Big Fork, MT - June 10, 2015
The model watershed, called an EnviroScape, mimics the Flathead and Mission valleys. It was just one learning tool students were able to ...
Township Green Living, Wellness Fair Hosting Health Screenings
Hillsborough Patch - Hillsborough, NJ - June 8, 2015
Rutgers Water Resources will be in attendance and will be demonstrating an Enviroscape Model and rain barrels, according to Hillsborough ...
Enviroscape (Ages 8 - 14). Date: Tuesday, July 7, 10 am - Noon.
Hitchcock Free Academy - Brimfield, MA - June 5, 2015
Discover the characteristics of our hills and valleys in our community using a kid-friendly water shed model, maps, slides, ...
Waynesboro to host annual Public Works Day on Saturday
Augusta Free Press - Waynesboro, VA - May 13, 2015
Ride” and “Miniature Driving Range” for the kids, the Engineering Division's “Imagination Station”, and the Stormwater Division's “Watershed Model.”...
Celebrate Earth Day with kids at the Children's Museum - April 22, 2015
Exploring water pollution by experimenting with the museum's watershed model — kids can create "dirty" water and explore methods for cleaning ...
Stormwater Quality Programs
Rogue Valley Sewer Services - Central Point, OR - April 22, 2015
Stormwater Model - RVSS has a stormwater model and activities perfect for demonstrating what a watershed is, where stormwater runoff flows and ...
Frelinghuysen students take to stream for Earth Day
Daily Record - Morristown, NJ - April 21, 2015
Meisenbacher used an EnviroScape, a watershed model, to teach students about their own watershed, the Whippany River. "The challenge is ...
Topanga Messenger TREES Takes Root at Topanga Elementary
Topganga Register - Topanga, CA - April 9, 2015
The Kindergarteners learned about their watershed, making it rain and watching how pollutants and trash move through the watershed model, to be ...
EnviroScape Models
Legacy, Partners in Environmental Education - Montgomery, AL - April 8, 2015
An EnviroScape model is a 3-D self contained mini watershed. It allows students to observe and simulate, in real time, the interactions of precipitation ...
Water Fair educates fourth grade students about water conservation
Iron County Today - Cedar City, UT - March 19, 2015
Marcia Gilles, with the Dixie National Forest, teaches Suzie Palladion's class from North Elementary about the enviroscape during the Water Fair at the ...
GM plant recognized by Wildlife Habitat Council for Plaster Creek Watershed educational program

Michigan Live - Wyoming, MI - November 19, 2014
“The program consists of a classroom discussion of watersheds using a watershed model, and extends outside of the classroom to the ...