K-12 Education

K-12 educators are using EnviroScape as a means of educating all students, at every level. EnviroScape is proud to offer a product that has been implemented district wide in many states and to have EnviroScape models included in STEM initiatives nationwide.

Teachers are bombarded with pressure to “teach to the test”. EnviroScape models are an effective and unforgettable lesson which simplifies complex environmental science issues.

Natural Resources, Watersheds, Wetlands, Erosion & Recycling topics are covered in state standards of learning across the country, and EnviroScape offers the visual, tactile tool that teachers need to create excitement and simplification in depicting important issues.

Trying to inspire STEM careers and correlations? Let EnviroScape enrich student interest in environmental science, planning, engineering and more. Our series of models allows students to be creative and experiment with real-world land management strategies while demonstrating how science and engineering can help lessen our impact on the environment.

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EnviroScape & Higher Education

Used in natural resources, environmental science and engineering classes. Students develop scenarios and pollution control solutions, and test their hypothesis by demonstrating them on the model.

EnviroScape provides observation and simulation, in real time, of the interactions of precipitation with various land use practices, and the impacts they have on streams, lakes, water supplies, and ground water. The models are used for simulation of both point and nonpoint source pollution, creation of floods, impact of paving, effectiveness of planting buffers, and more.

University students can then take their knowledge and the portable models into their community to train, teach, and provide in-service to local schools on current environmental education topics. It’s a great tool to implement service learning initiatives, and because EnviroScape is portable, engaging and informative, students can take their message anywhere!

EnviroScape is further used by university Cooperative Extensions, Stream Teams, and outreach centers to educate the community about water quality issues.

Read what STEM and education leaders have to say about EnviroScape!

"I’m really looking forward to using the model for the STEM4GIRLS talk! As a stormwater engineer with over 33 years of experience in municipal stormwater systems, I can attest to the power of the EnviroScape watershed model. Half the battle of gaining public support for water quality protection is explaining the problem in understandable terms. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A model is worth even more."
June Barrett-McDaniels, PE, Aquarius Engineering

We are loving the EnviroScape model! I got to try it out last week ... students were so engaged!
Rachel Martin, M.Ed., 6-12 Science Educator, Metro Richmond STEM Fair Special Awards Coordinator, MathScience Innovation Center

"To have a 'school subject' become real made a tremendous impact. Thank you."
Susan Deglen, Richboro Elementary School

"Personally, I am so excited to be able to use this model with the students of Allentown, PA, because I know that most of our student population is not really sure where their drinking water is coming from and where it goes to. I have had such success using the traditional model and I know this will really enrich their learning experience! EnviroScape has been such a hit since I began using it 20 years ago!"
Jolie Chylack, Environmental Education & Outreach Coordinator

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