EnviroScape is a global tool that can be used in every corner of the world. Share information on how local residents can protect their water resources. Display new ideas in Drinking water infrastructure and Landfill Management. Teach residents to protect their groundwater supply. Our interactive, hands-on models provide a platform for explaining complex environmental issues and improvements with the flexibility to demonstrate on a model — providing hope, clarity, and empowering communities to protect and restore their natural resources!

EnviroScape is proud to be used by “Engineers without Borders” for international water quality outreach!

The visual hands-on EnviroScape demonstrations cross language, culture and learning divides — an environmental education and communication tool applicable to Everyone, Everywhere!

EnviroScape is being used world-wide including but not limited to France, Great Britain, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Japan, the mountains of Nepal, and Australia.

Interested in bringing EnviroScape to your corner of the globe? Special international shipping rates are available. Contact us learn@enviroscapes.com.

What our customers are saying –

"While local issues of river health are dominating the news in New Zealand, the flow-on effect of deteriorating catchments may not be obvious but is key to understanding changes occurring in the coastal environment. The Enviroscape models are helping us creating awareness and understanding of connectivity between ecosystems with schools groups."
Sally Carson, Director, New Zealand Marine Studies Centre, University of Otago, New Zealand

"EnviroScape provides great resources and an interactive approach to environmental education in Australia. Water pollution is an issue which all countries face and the interactive and detailed models are fantastic for enhancing learning for Australian students about this topic."
Carmel Ron, Sustainability Education Officer, Victoria, Australia

"EnviroScape models have been an outstanding and a favorite as an educational tool for Mexican Water Conservation offices. Ecotoys Mexico has proudly distributed EnviroScape models for the last 5 years reaching sales in 85% of territorial Mexico and expecting a full national scale by 2018. EnviroScape models are found in urban and rural Mexico teaching thousands of kids each year … Happy to be a part of the team."
Ernesto Herrera Gallegos, Director, ECOTOYS MEXICO - ECO PROMOCIONALES [3rd photo down supplied by EcoToys Mexico. CEAA using EnviroScape Drinking Water, Wastewater Treatment Model in Hidalgo, Mexico]

"At Cargill, the employees are the volunteers who go into the communities — with EnviroScape, they can show why pollution prevention is important for everyone. It's our way of giving back and more."
Bill Preston, Cargill, Saginaw Foods Division

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