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Each EnviroScape unit includes a molded clear base; a colorful molded landscape top; all accessories for enhancing the landscape and activities; a detailed User's Guide including background information, set-up instructions with a location map, specific activities to demonstrate pollution sources and best management practices, a glossary, and suggested related activities. EnviroScape units come in a padded shipping box for ease of storage. You have the option of purchasing the Carrying Case on wheels for transporting the unit, but it is not necessary.

If you are transporting or loaning out the unit a lot, or multiple people use the model, we would strongly recommend the case. The new Carrying Case introduced in 2013, is made from a lightweight durable material with inside padded protection, wheels, a retractable handle and side handle. It is easy to transport and work with. The models are shipped in a custom made corrugated shipping box with padding and a handle for easy transport of the model.

All EnviroScape scenarios are developed by JT&A, inc., using a peer review process incorporating the expertise of at least a dozen experts in that particular field.

People of all ages use and enjoy learning with EnviroScape. EnviroScape is in every state in the U.S. and more than a dozen other countries. EnviroScape users include schools; federal, state and local government; community associations; conservation districts; corporations; consultants; universities; nonprofit organizations; nature centers; zoos; youth programs and more.

EnviroScape helps make environmental issues easier to understand and is also easy to use. Bringing people together around a table to visually demonstrate pollution sources and prevention measures makes it very clear that we are all part of the problem and can all be part of the solution. EnviroScape programs provide balanced, factual information about a variety of environmental issues and concerns, and are extremely flexible to support your program themes.

The easy-to-use models are approximately 25" x 30" x 5" in size and 15 lbs. in weight when taken out of the shipping box and set up.

Yes. EnviroScape can be washed with dish soap and water after use. The buildings, bridges, trees, cows, vehicles, and other kits are removable for easy cleaning. The durability of the EnviroScape models ensures that with proper care, the model will last through hundreds, even thousands of demonstrations.

The Groundwater Kit (liner and activities) will work with all the scenarios, except the Coastal unit (which comes with a Groundwater activity already in place) and it is already included as part of the EnviroScape Landfill. The Riparian Kit was initially designed to work with the Wetlands model, but can work with any of the scenarios. Some modification to the demonstration may be necessary to use all of the riparian activities on other scenarios. Please call for more information.

EnviroScape has its Headquarters in Virginia, (703) 631-8810, ext. 12 and also provides information on the web. Visit our web site at, e-mail us at or call us. We are here to help in any way we can.

In the unlikely event that one of our products does not meet your needs or you are just plain not 100% satisfied, we are pleased to offer a 30-day money back guarantee on products received unused and in original packaging within 30 days from when product shipped. Refund applies to merchandise and not shipping charges and you are responsible for shipping product to us. A RETURN AUTHORIZATION is required before returning your product and can be secured by sending email with Subject Line RETURN AUTHORIZATION to

Yes, we offer training for our EnviroScape® products for groups or individuals — but please reach out to us if you have questions at 703-631-8810, ext. 12 or email us at

We can travel to you and provide group training, or Skype may be a less expensive option for an individual or small group. Skype training starts at $75 per 30 minute session; group training will involve costs for travel and time. Please let us know what type of training you are interested in, your preferred timeline, and we will get back to you to confirm recommended format and associated costs. Email

  • Remove your new case from the shipping carton.
  • Lay the case on the floor so the EnviroScape logo faces up towards the ceiling.
  • The part of the case with the EnviroScape logo is the “lid” or top half of your case.
  • Unzip the case and open completely.
  • Remove the 2 inch loose foam protective sheet.
  • Place the small containers, bags, and spray bottles (EnviroScape model accessories) into the foam cut-outs at the bottom of the case.
  • Place your model (base with landscape top on it) into the case, exactly as you would place it on a table ready for set-up (bottom of the clear plastic base should now be touching the accessories).
  • Place the loose foam protective sheet over the top of the model.
  • Close the lid of the case (the lid has the EnviroScape® logo) over the model & accessories already placed in the case.
  • Zip the case and you are ready to go.
  • When opening; remember that the lid is the side of the case with our EnviroScape® logo and the “lid” should face up as you lay the case on the floor, you will simply unzip, lift the model out and then the accessories.
  • Always make sure all components are completely dry before re-packing into your case.
Click here for an Instruction Sheet in pdf format. 

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