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EnviroScape delivers portable lightweight Environmental Education Models that help you communicate your environmental lesson with a splash!

Bring your EnviroScape ANY where! From fairs to parks, conventions to the board room, classrooms to museums, zoos to Aquariums — EnviroScape brings the message home!

With EnviroScape you can feel confident that your EE message will be engaging! Draw in crowds and keep their attention with our brightly colored, hands-on models, depicting your community, your issues, and your restoration efforts!

Programs have been developed utilizing EnviroScape to launch loan/checkout programs, where local schools and libraries can borrow the EnviroScape models.

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You name it, EnviroScape has the environmental education tool to amplify your message in a friendly, fun and informative way!

Showcase your corporate efforts towards a better tomorrow! EnviroScape: simplifying complex environmental issues!

EnviroScape makes the connection between what we do on earth and the impact on the environment. Known for its balanced approach to environmental education with a focus on personal responsibility, the models are in use around the world. Use as a standalone environmental educational program or it easily fits within any existing program.

What Customers say about EnviroScape!

"I have been using EnvrioScape Models for over twenty years to help bring environmental education and natural resource topics to life. This has spanned from Washington State demonstrating soil erosion and BMPs, to the Oregon Coast to highlight the importance of watershed protection and restoration for salmon and now in Hawaii to show kids and adults how non-point source pollution negatively impacts our nearshore environment and coral reef habitat. EnvrioScapes make lessons so easy to understand   it's a highly valued teaching prop in our educational program."
Todd Cullison, Executive Director, Hawaii Nature Center, Honolulu

"If you want to catch kids interest in nonpoint source pollution this model does the trick. As an Environmental Consultant to Townships, Environmental Committees, Watershed Associations, and having served on the Board of Trustees of Land Conservancy Associations and Environmental Associations, I have used the "Watershed/Non-Point Source Pollution Model" at local schools, homeowners and lake associations, township day fairs, watershed associations and conservation associations, field days, both outside and inside with phenomenal success. Both adults and kids are naturally drawn to it.
      Several spray bottles with some interesting food coloring dumped at various points on the landscape (farm fields, lawns, roadways, accident scenes, the kids often make up scenarios themselves) keeps them interested in how our activities in our watershed affect both our surface and groundwater quality and quantity.
      Over the years I've purchased numerous EnviroScape landscape items (farm animals, cars, trucks, etc. even a helicopter and miniature dinosaur) and let several kids rain down nonpoint source pollution on the landscape. They automatically get interested in how the pollution gets from one area to another and eventually into our surface water and groundwater. As they're enthralled by how the pollution flows and having fun, I explain how proper land use can prevent much of nonpoint source pollution."
Thomas D. Angelo, President, ECO Systems Environmental Consulting

"The statistics collected over the years show that students have a better understanding of the stormwater runoff problem through the use of this model. This helps the RCD show its funders that the program is educating the students."
Cynthia Mallett, Education Coordinator Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County

"At Cargill, the employees are the volunteers who go into the communities — with EnviroScape, they can show why pollution prevention is important for everyone. It's our way of giving back and more."
Bill Preston, Cargill, Saginaw Foods Division

"At the Sierra Club we focus on educating youth about the importance of clean water, threats of water pollution, how to decrease plastic waste, and protect local waterways. The EnviroScape is a great tool to depict how water contamination occurs by engaging youth with a creative, interactive hands-on learning model."
Elissa Yoder Mann, MS, Conservation Program Manager, Clean Water Campaign, Sierra Club-Ohio Chapter

"The EnviroScape Wetland and Floodplain Management model gives an understanding of the bigger picture by representing it on a small scale. Our EnviroScape Wetland and Floodplain Management model and Groundwater Liner kit, continue to provide a unique perspective in our water management educational outreach. The many campers and students to whom we present and facilitate programs, primarily 4th graders, learn about watersheds, wetlands and groundwater in a fun and exciting way. Having a Wetland model available for the youth, gives them the opportunity to manipulate and observe how the elements present in the environment and human interactions, affect our water ways, either positively or negatively. They become empowered as they realize the role they can serve in protecting our limited resources. Campers and students come away with a much deeper understanding of the concepts introduced by seeing the bigger picture represented on a small scale. The EnviroScape recent upgrade to the Wetland/Floodplain Management model will only strengthen this valuable education tool that proves itself year after year."
Carol Kendall, Volunteer Educational Outreach Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tri-Lakes Project, Littleton, Colorado

"We have used EnviroScape at every one of our Children's Groundwater Festivals. And, the expansion of the program and supplemental teaching materials just keep getting better through time."
Susan Seacrest, President, The Groundwater Foundation

"With EnviroScape we can dramatically show the points we are trying to make and the kids love it. Everybody gets a chance to interact and they get excited about learning something new."
Jane Schmitt, League of Women Voters, Henrietta, NY

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