Make at Home Watershed Kit (12 to Case)

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The product is shipped in one box with 12 single-boxed Make Your Own Watershed Kits.

Volume quantity discounts available – contact Erin Foster at or 703-623-4377.

This activity is a great supplement to the popular EnviroScape® Watershed/NPS, Wetlands and Coastal models. And just like the models, this Kit has been correlated to national science standards and is a great hands-on way to have fun while exploring the environment and learning about water pollution.

Enjoy a fun and educational group activity for 12 or more – where students create and paint their own 3-D Model of a Watershed, including buildings, vegetation and bridges.

Instructional activities highlight how water pollution occurs and how to prevent it — such as adding cocoa for soil, drink mixes for chemicals, and making it rain. You can even make manure for use as a pollutant on the model – and experiment with techniques (best management practices) for preventing water pollution.

Perfect science craft activity for home-school groups, science clubs, camps, after-school programs and classrooms.

The 3-D watersheds can even be sent home with the students so they can share environmental awareness with their family and community!

Each EnviroScape®'s Make Your Own Watershed Kit includes: 1 landscape maps; 5 buildings; 1 paint sets; 3 paint brushes; 3 green felt strips (vegetation); Bridge template instructions to copy and cutout from cardboard or paper amd complete instructions in English & Spanish.

Optional Plaster Creation: Some like to fill the map and building pieces with plaster and then paint the dried plaster pieces. This is an option you may want to consider depending on the amount of time you have and your objectives.