POSTER: Watershed Management: A Community Process (download pdf)

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[DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY] This full-color friendly poster, provides an overview of a watershed and the roles that we can play to protect as well as enjoy the environment around us (size: 18" x 24"). This is a scanned image of a folded poster created by hand some years ago as print copies are no longer available; image may show a folded crease but should print well.

Below are a couple questions asked by customers that you might find useful:

Where do I get my posters printed? Here are a few economical places we found:
• Fedex/Kinkos:
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How do I convert my downloadable poster PDF file to a JPG file?
Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Go to FILE, click on Export To, choose Image, choose JPEG and save your JPEG file. Some photo centers will not accept PDF files, so you may need to convert to JPEG.