Environmental Resource Guide, Grades 9-12

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Designed as a supplementary curriculum, this environmental resource guide help students learn about issues that directly affect their lives and their environment. This guide defines nonpoint source pollution and explains where it comes from and what can be done about it. Activities focus on agricultural mining, forestry, and urban sources of the four main types of pollutants: sediment, nutrients, bacteria, and toxics. EnviroScape® is pleased to be partnering with the Air & Waste Management Association to bring you outstanding curriculum on nonpoint source pollution.

Each EnviroScape® model comes with a corresponding User's Guide that contains factually correct and balanced information and activities that are peer-reviewed and approved. It's comprehensive and flexible enough to be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a way to complement and expand an existing curriculum.

Below are the Contents of each Environmental Resource Guide to give you an idea of the types of activities included in each one:
   • ERG.K-2 Guide    • ERG.3-5 Guide    • ERG.6-8 Guide    • ERG.9-12 Guide